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By | October 1, 2013

Welcome and thank you for visiting www.virtuallyvirtuoso.com

Back in 2009, I began to research Virtualization to solve business challenges for a company I previously worked for.  It was a tough period as many businesses in the UK had been affected by a recession.  My objectives as IT Infrastructure Manager were to provide ‘more for less’, cutting costs, enabling the business to save capital and operating expenditure, whilst also improving Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Where should I start?

As I deeply researched all the options and technology, VMware clearly had a strong and leading position in the market.  As a result, we implemented the technology and it was a huge learning curve as we transitioned from a physical to virtual environment.  I searched around the internet extensively for content to help stay up-to-date with the technology, as well as solving day to day performance and support issues with the virtual infrastructure.

One of the major sources of content that I’ve utilised over the last 4 years to help with this and for my professional studies (certification), is the vast amount of high quality blog sites from the community.  I’ve prospered enormously from other bloggers, and every year the amount of content and individual bloggers, grow and grow.

Today is my opportunity to provide something back to the community.  I have often wondered if my experiences and information would be useful to others in the community, because of all the exceptional blog sites around, however if my content can only help or serve one person, then that is a great start to giving something back to the community.

I hope you find some of the information on this blog useful.

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