vCNS Edge device failed to deploy

By | December 9, 2015

Problem Statement:

After deploying vCloud Networking & Security suite (vCNS), and attempting to deploy Edge devices from vShield Manager, the deployment quickly fails after running through the configuration wizard with ‘Edge device failed’.

Inspecting the logs from vShield Manager (Tech support bundle), the following entries stand out:-

2015-07-17 11:07:48.798 GMT ERROR pool-1218-thread-1 ResourcePoolVcOperationsImpl:348 – Failed to install OVF.
core-services:1102:Failed to upload file {0}.:/common/em/components/edge/multi-interface/vShieldEdge-disk1.vmdk

2015-07-17 11:07:48.800 GMT ERROR pool-1218-thread-1 Worker:204 – BaseException thrown while executing task instance taskinstance-1547
vShield Edge:10020:Failed to deploy edge appliance.:

Caused by: com.vmware.vshield.vsm.inventory.vcoperations.VcOperationFailedException:
core-services:1500:Operation failed on VC. For more details, refer to the rootCauseString or the VC logs:

Next Steps – Trouble-shooting

  • Physical routing & firewall – Specifically port 902/903
    • Connectivity checks (ping etc from vCNS to ESXi hosts)
  • ESXi Security Profile (Firewall) – Specifically port 902/903
  • Permissions on datastores


Good old DNS – Upon checking the logs again after the above steps, I noticed the ESXi hosts still be referenced by an incorrect DNS name. For example, instead of esxi.domain.corp

Also, because the environment was originally stood up with host files (as crazy as it seems), vCenter Server (where vCNS is plugged into via the API), was still using an old host file with older DNS entries.  Once the environment (in-particular vCenter & ESXi hosts) was correctly aligned and configured for DNS across the board, the Edge device deployed as expected.


Best Practices

Deploy vCNS

vCNS Documentation

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