VCDX Part 1 – Where do I Start?

By | October 27, 2017

This VCDX Nuggets series will serve as my opportunity to giveback to the online VMware community that helped me to achieve the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX).  There are numerous active members of the community that can be found via Google or social media such as Twitter, that have provided different resources over time around the VCDX certification.  Now I have achieved this, I’d like to provide some of my own tips and tricks into my own journey. You can read about my experience here.  

One of the biggest pieces of advice I could offer on reflection, is consuming all the information out there and then deciding how to aggregate this together into your own submission. It’s effectively pulling all the tips, tricks and lessons learnt together and moving forwards with this.  Looking back I feel this was key to my success along with the level of preparation and detail I went into.

To kick things off, I’d like to provide a short post for some resources that I personally used, right from the very beginning, to the very end including my preparation in the last few months.  There are many, many resources out there in the vCommunity via Google or Youtube.  This is not a comprehensive list and is just some of the resources I’ve specifically used.


These exams are pre-requisites for your chosen track, however it shouldn’t stop you from starting to consume the below resources. Huge resources out there already on VCAP\VCIX.


I used two books mainly (outside of technology) and they are a must in my opinion.  I referenced these several times at different stages throughout.



Blog Series

Top class series on a number of different aspects.  Definitely one to add and keep on your Bookmarks bar within browser!

VCDX Deep-Dive Series

Getting Started (Earlier resources)

These are still very much relevant and fantastic.  You cannot review these too early no matter where you are today.

Last Few Months (July\August 2017)

Ask the Panelists – Lots of nuggets and gold here.

More gold from several VCDX’s hosting and presenting.

Fantastic session on DR\BC, with several VCDX’s hosting and presenting. A must for the VCDX candidate!

Google’s Your Friend

Many, many other resources out there. Search away…. 🙂

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