VCAP-DTD – Study Pack

Over the course of the last few months, I’ve made various notes in electronic format whilst studying for the exam, to eventually release into the community for sharing.  In addition, there’s plenty of supporting documents I’ve been using as well.  Just like my VCAP-DCD study, I decided to collate all this information into an easily accessible folder structure for quick reference. Therefore, I’ve transitioned this into a downloadable ‘Study Pack’ for the VCAP-DTD, to include the following:

  • Blueprint resources with supporting documentation, broken down into Sections\Objectives. Alongside these, are my own study notes in electronic format.
  • VMware View Case Studies, Design Guides, Reference Architectures and Product documentation (via
  • vBrownBag VCAP-DTD episodes to date, including my summary notes.
  • Other useful documents and notes taken.


You can download the full ‘Study Pack’ from here (120MB)

Download only my study notes from here

Download only the vBrownBag APAC VCAP-DTD episodes, including my own notes from the sessions here (610MB)

Thanks to Jason Langer for forming the basis of the folder structure within the ‘Blueprint Resources’ folder, with the Blueprint bundle


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