VCAP-DTA Section 7 Notes

By | February 11, 2014

Section 7 – Configure and Optimize View Endpoints

Objective 7.1 – Perform View Client Installations

  • Perform manual installation for desktop clients
  • Configure silent installation options for desktop clients
    • For a View Client Silent installation, open a command prompt on the machine where you want to install the View Client and run this command:
      • VMware-viewclient.exe /S /V”/qn
      • VMware-viewclient.exe /S /V"/qn DESKTOP_SHORTCUT=0 VDM_SERVER=<IP-Address> INSTALLDIR=C:\VDM RDPCHOICE=0 REBOOT=Reallysuppress
  • Configure options for various clients
    • REBOOT=Reallysuppress suppresses a reboot after the install. If you remove REBOOT=Reallysuppress, the machine automatically reboots after the install.
    • VDM_SERVER defines the Connection Broker.
    • DESKTOP_SHORTCUT=0 prevents a shortcut from being placed on the Desktop. A shortcut is placed on the Desktop by default. If you do not want a shortcut, set the value to 0.
    • INSTALLDIR=C:\VDM specifies the installation path.
    • RDPCHOICE=0 prevents RDP from being enabled. After the installation, RDP is enabled by default. If you do not want RDP to be enabled, set the value to 0

Performing a silent install for VMware View Client or Agent

View Clients

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