VCAP-DTA Section 3 Notes

By | February 11, 2014

Section 3 – Deploy, Manage, and Customize Pool Implementations

 Objective 3.1 – Configure Pool Storage for Optimal Performance

  • Implement storage tiers
  • Optimize placement of replica virtual machine
  • Configure disposable files and persistent disks
  • Configure and optimize storage for floating or dedicated pools
  • Configure overcommit settings
  • Determine implications of using local or shared storage
  • Configure View Storage Accelerator and regeneration cycle

VMware Horizon View Storage Optimisation

VMware Horizon View Storage Considerations

Objective 3.2 – Configure and Manage Pool Tags and Policies

  • Configure tagging for specific Connection Server or security server access

P 132 and 150 (Administration guide)


Objective 3.3 – Administer View Desktop Pools

  • Create and modify full or linked-clone pools
  • Create and modify dedicated or floating Pools
  • Build and maintain Terminal Server or manual desktop pools
  • Entitle or remove users and groups to or from pools
  • Refresh, recompose or rebalance pools

P 87-147 (Administration guide)

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