VCAP-DCD – Study Pack

During my time studying for the DCD exam, I referenced and used a number of different materials. I’ve collated these resources into a ‘Study Pack’ available for download. The file is around 170MB and includes the VMware blueprint and recommended resources, VMware product information guides and other resources collected from other members of the community, so I do not take credit for their great work! I’ve also included a few of my own notes here and there.


I’ve simply compiled them all into a folder structure, which enabled a quick reference point for my studies. Hopefully this may help others during their studies. See below for folder layout.


You can read my VCAP-DCD exam experience here

You can download the ‘Study Pack’ from here

2 thoughts on “VCAP-DCD – Study Pack

  1. Usman

    Thank you for making these resources available for others. I have just started my prep for VCAP and stumbled upon your VCAP Certification page.


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