VMworld 2015 – SDDC6254 – The Best SDDC

By | December 9, 2015
  • Management – vRealize Suite
  • Networking – NSX
  • Storage – Virtual SAN
  • Compute – vSphere
  • Infrastructure is delivered as a service, and control of data center is entirely automated by software.  Ideal for private, hybrid & public clouds
  • Accelerate speed of IT using Virtualization & Automated DC operations = Capex\Opex reduction
  • Mobile Workforce for business – Secure, faster delivery of mobile apps
  • Security & Control – NSX (increase agility\less effort)

Customer Challenges & Why

  • Automate provisioning & security – Measured by ‘time to deliver’
  • Security requirements – Traffic segregation
  • Delivery services to business that are agile (speed) and flexible (different models for different customers).
  • Virtualize to move away from legacy infrastructure
  • Self-9rovisioning to save time for people to focus on other projects

SDDC helps achieve the above!

How to measure achievements

  • Monitoring tools – vROps (SLAs)
  • Provisioning (agility) – Month\weeks to hours\minutes
  • Operations – Consolidated datacentres down to 2-3, reducing costs of building leases, power & cooling
  • Saving money from SDDC, to put costs back into people
  • Provisioning (networking) – Automate networks and rules


  • IT – Silo departments
  • People\Process
  • Tech – What business processes are we looking to solve, then technology solutions
  • 3rd party vendor integration…waiting for solution updates to interoperate

What’s next

  • Automation\Orchestration – Service delivery always evolving
  • Seamless extension to public clouds
    • Pushing policies and extending across environments
  • Stretching datacentres – Move workloads across datacentres – Cloud, Amazon etc
    • Take advantage of different models to get the best price for the business
    • Improves disaster recovery
  • Next generation desktop – Mobile applications
  • Millions of dollars saving in moving from EMC\NetApp arrays
  • No DR with SDDC, datacentres are stretched and active.   More of testing workflow of migration of workloads across datacentres

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