Microsoft Office and VDI – Performance tips

By | February 20, 2014

A couple of months back, during a recent engagement, I was trouble-shooting end user performance problems.  To keep it short and sweet, Microsoft Office (Outlook and Word), were monopolizing the CPU.  The virtual desktop just became unresponsive. Note: Microsoft Office 2013 had been deployed in the parent image. Platform: vSphere 5.1 and Horizon View 5.2 Whilst investigating and… Read More »

VCAP-DTA Section 10 Notes

By | February 11, 2014

Section 10 – Troubleshoot a View Implementation Objective 10.1 – Troubleshoot View Pool creation and administration issues Objective 10.2 – Troubleshoot View administration management framework issues Objective 10.3 – Troubleshoot end user access Objective 10.4 – Troubleshoot network, storage, and vSphere infrastructure related to View  **See View Administration guide p379** Troubleshooting View Components   Troubleshooting KB articles Virtual… Read More »

VCAP-DTA Section 9 Notes

By | February 11, 2014

Section 9 – Configure Persona Management for a View Implementation Objective 9.1 – Deploy a Persona Management Solution Create a Persona Management repository Separate from Windows Roaming profile location.  Create share\UNC on file server. Or you can use existing Windows profile location (Persona repository location – leave blank) Set path for new repository in ViewPM.adm settings Implement optimized… Read More »

VCAP-DTA Section 8 Notes

By | February 11, 2014

Section 8 – Secure a View Implementation  Objective 8.1 – Configure and Deploy Certificates Configure two Factor/Smart Card Authentication including truststore Obtain the root CA certificate or export the certificate from the Microsoft CA (PKI) Verify that the keytool utility is added to the system path on your View Connection Server or security server host (see Administration guide). Location below:-… Read More »

VCAP-DTA Section 7 Notes

By | February 11, 2014

Section 7 – Configure and Optimize View Endpoints Objective 7.1 – Perform View Client Installations Perform manual installation for desktop clients Configure silent installation options for desktop clients For a View Client Silent installation, open a command prompt on the machine where you want to install the View Client and run this command: VMware-viewclient.exe /S /V”/qn VMware-viewclient.exe /S… Read More »

VCAP-DTA Section 6 Notes

By | February 11, 2014

Section 6 – Configure and Optimize View Display Protocols  Objective 6.1 – Configure PCoIP and RDP for Varying Network Conditions Determine appropriate configuration parameters based on network performance Consider configuring the following settings for special use cases: Image quality levels Maximum Initial Image Quality Minimum Image Quality Maximum Frame Rate Network settings Configure the maximum PCoIP session bandwidth… Read More »

VCAP-DTA Section 5 Notes

By | February 11, 2014

Section 5 – Integrate ThinApp into a View Implementation  Objective 5.1 – Create a ThinApp Repository Create and configure a ThinApp repository Create folder and Windows share, including shares & NTFS permissions View Administrator>ThinApp Configuration    Use UNC path….i.e.  \\myserver\share\applications Configure a ThinApp repository for fault tolerance using DFS or similar tools Setup DFS on File Server1 –… Read More »

VCAP-DTA Section 4 Notes

By | February 11, 2014

Section 4 – Create, Customize, and Deploy View Desktop Images  Objective 4.1 – Build, Upgrade and Optimize a Windows Desktop Image Create, configure, optimize and maintain a base Windows desktop image for View Implementation PDF guide – VMware-View-OptimizationGuideWindows7-EN Target master image (parent) – Virtual machine hardware Remove floppy drive and other devices not required VMXNET3 – NIC Memory… Read More »

VCAP-DTA Section 3 Notes

By | February 11, 2014

Section 3 – Deploy, Manage, and Customize Pool Implementations  Objective 3.1 – Configure Pool Storage for Optimal Performance Implement storage tiers Optimize placement of replica virtual machine Configure disposable files and persistent disks Configure and optimize storage for floating or dedicated pools Configure overcommit settings Determine implications of using local or shared storage Configure View Storage Accelerator and… Read More »

VCAP-DTA Section 2 Notes

By | February 11, 2014

Section 2 – Configure and Administer View Components  Objective 2.1 – Configure and Manage View Global Policies and Settings Enable and disable global policies  – p175 (Administration guide) Configure and modify global settings – p26-29 (Administration guide) Objective 2.2 – Configure Administrator Roles and Permissions Create, modify and delete administrator roles – p39 (Administration guide) Add and remove user… Read More »