App Volumes – Blocking user logon while waiting

By | January 5, 2016

Problem Statement:

Using App Volumes 2.10 (Manager and Agent), when logging onto a Windows 10 desktop with one AppStack assigned, the logon time to the Windows desktop takes around 3 minutes.  Whilst the AppStack is unassigned, the logon to the desktop is reduced significantly to around 30 seconds.

Inspecting the App Volumes agent log file on the Windows desktop in C:\Program Files (x86)\CloudVolumesAgent\Logs

Blocking user logon while waiting for one 1 new volumes

Gave up waiting for 1 remaining volume(s) to load after 180 second(s)

AppVol error


After logging into the App Volumes Manager and viewing the Online Users & Computers, I found a user account that was still logged in, on the App Volumes Windows 10 provisioning machine.  The same account was being used to provision the AppStack, and also test the AppStack attachment during a POC.  After the user was logged out of the App Vols provisioning machine, the logon to the Windows 10 desktop and attachment of AppStack worked as expected and the log file no longer showed the above entries.

Hope this helps anyone that finds this message and requires direction.

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